If they’re not pooping, we’re walking!

Dogma is a small dog walking service based in Logan Square and Humboldt Park. We have been in business and loving your pets like our own since 1998.



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Mark your calendar Folks, it will be here before you know it! Saturday, October 28th, Kiki's Korner will be celebrating the one year anniversary of our Grand Opening. Stop by for lots of treats for your pets and people, too! We'll have baskets to raffle off, and a pet costume contest. Stay tuned for more details.

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Treats are this way lady!⬅⬅⬅

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Guys that FACE! #louis #muttsofinstagram #dogmapetcare #chicagodogs

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UPDATE: Kohl's life was hanging by a thread. We thought we lost him, then we heard he was still alive but in that little space between life and a plastic bag. Kohl may have lost his cool and perhaps made a bad impression. Not sure what happened but maybe he was not acting like himself, maybe he was at hist worst. Just as we humans have our limits,when stressed, so do dogs. A wonderful rescue, ROVER RESCUE, decided his life was worth saving.He deserved a chance. The community came together for Kohls, pledging, sharing, praying. Kohl now has a chance. A testament to the power of love. Update: See comment in thread. He is still alive. He is BEYOND URGENT. Like needs out TODAY. Maybe the community can pull together and save him. If you can do nothing more than pledge, please pledge. PLEDGES may help a rescue step up and get Kohl whatever help or training he may need. Please let's save him. I heard this boy may have been killed. I hope this is not true. If anyone cares and can ask if he was already killed by city pound, please do so. KOHL A172136. Kohls was dumped at the shelter, by his owner, with his toys. He deserved a chance. I don't know if he was given one. Speak for the voiceless. They cannot speak for themselves.






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For service inquiries, please email us at:  Dogma.petcare80@gmail.com

or call us at: 773-669-5DOG